It is the American Old West. A time of violence.  A time of Outlaws. A time of supernatural monsters. 

You've heard the names.

Annie Oakley
Billy The Kid
Isom Dart

Doc Holliday
Jesse James
Calamity Jane

You know them as Outlaws, Lawmen and classic Old West heroes.

What you don't know was their true history.


The American Old West had a werewolf problem...

and they were America's only

Werewolf Hunters...




The Werewolves controlled local governments. They controlled almost every Marshall's office in almost every town. They spent their days amassing great wealth at the expense of the people. Then, once a month, they literally fed on the people. 




The "Lycans" had it good.







They had to be stopped.
And there was only one gang of Outlaws in America who could stop them. 





Everything you've heard about the Outlaws of the Old West is TRUE. The stories that have been passed down by generations simply "conveniently" left out some important facts.

Annie Oakley was indeed the sharpest shooter in the West. Because she practised, with many a silver bullet, on Werewolves. 

When Billy The Kid killed Sherrif William Brady, he did it because Brady had just turned into a Werewolf.


When Isom Dart was ambushed by a Ranch Crew and was the lone survivor...he realized he was good at killing Werewolves. The Ranch Crew were a bunch of Werewolves you see. 


When Doc Holliday fought in the O.K. Corall, it wasn't just a shootout. It was a fight vs monsters. Yeah, Werewolves used guns too.

When Jesse James stole 50,000 dollars from a bank, it was because the head banker worked for the Lycans (and was, you guessed it, a Werewolf himself)

When Calamity Jane drunkenly saved a stagecoach on the run. That stagecoach was being chased by Werewolves. Jane killed three of them. Including the driver of the stagecoach, because he got a Werewolf. 


These stories and more will be explored in LYCAN COUNTY.

The Animated Old West adventure series with a Monster twist and an All-Star Voice Cast.