I want your performance capture talent to understand your project so they can act the hell out of it. In order to accomplish that goal, I have developed a presentation and process tailored to Game Development teams to walk you through leveling up your pipeline




Bring me in to speak to your team! Before any scripts are finalized or any auditions are sent out. So we can make sure that you are ready to make the most 

How it works.


- I will show you the key to creating the perfect sides for actors to understand and create with. 


- Help guide you to set-up the best possible audition so you find the best possible actor in the most efficient amount of time.

- Help guide you to get scripts ready for the motion capture volume so that the actor can understand exactly what you need (and expect!) from them.


- Help you lay out your schedule and scenes for optimal efficiency. 


- Equip you with the tools get to achieve exactly what you want from your actors on the day, and realize your true vision. 

I will bring all of this together in a short presentation and Q&A afterwards. I definitely want to hear what your issues are when it comes to working with actors and then together we can take you to the next level.



As an actor, I find that there is often one person missing on the mocap stage. There are usually the writers, the cinematic director and the crew. More often than not, the cinematic director is thinking visually, the writers are thinking of their scripts and the crew is worried about anyone touching the cameras. The actors, from an internal performance point of view, don't have someone they can turn to. 

I help bring this all together if you bring me in as a performance capture consultant. I will come to your mocap volume and I will make sure that the everyone is on the same page and headed toward one goal...

Making the performances in your game stand out. 

An issue I see a lot (in Los Angeles in particular) is
 using two different actors to capture one character. When you use voice-actors to voice them and film/tv/mocap actors to capture the body.  

You're splitting the performance.

The audience can feel it, and it dilutes the quality of the product.
You're paying two actors to play one character.


Most people don't realise that voice actors can give you a perfect performance on the mocap stage IF they have the proper guidance. With my extensive experience both in voice and motion / performance capture, I am uniquely qualified to help make sure you are getting the best performance.



I have been affectionally called "Canada's Andy Serkis*" because of my vast experience as an actor in motion or performance capture.

I have worked on over two dozen different video-games as an actor including on incredibly successful game franchises as a leading actor in performance capture. The Assassin's Creed series, The Deus Ex series, The Splinter Cell series, The Far Cry series and many more. 

I have been on many television shows as a leading or supporting actor including The Expanse, Supernatural, Eureka, Alphas, Star Trek Discovery and more


I have directed actors and acted in plays all over North America. Montreal, Toronto, New York Off-Broadway & Vancouver. Shakespeare's Othello, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Midsummer Night's Dream, David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross, Neil Simon's Prisoner Of Second Ave and Star-Spangled Girl and many more

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* Variety 2018